How Can We Help?

We hope that you now know more about abortion from a scientific, political, and moral point of view. We hope that you agree that the lives of the unborn must be protected. However, knowledge is only half the battle. (Source: G.I. Joe) We all have a responsibility to use our knowledge. We beg you to please help the innocent unborn. There are many ways to help; we’ve listed a few here. Please consider donating a little of your time, if just a few minutes, and maybe save a life.

1. Spread the Word Very few people really know the facts about the abortion issue. Talk to your friends and tell them why you believe that abortion is wrong. Send them here if they need information. Tell them to contact us if you get frustrated. But please let people know how you feel.
2. Visit a Crisis Pregnancy Center Crisis Pregnancy Centers are places where women can visit before, during, or after a birth, abortion, or adoption. Women go here who are having major problems and need refuge. These centers generally don’t support either side of the abortion debate; they help all women in need. Look under “Abortion” in your yellow pages and you should find crisis pregnancy centers. Please help strengthen women in crisis and in need.
3. Write your Senators The Senate was a few votes short of an override of President Clinton’s veto on the National Partial Birth Abortion Ban. Please write your Senators letters, or send them emails, supporting this abortion ban.
4. Write your House Representative The House was able to override President Clinton’s veto, but requires continued support for the ban. Please let your representative, via snail mail or email, that you support this ban.
5. Write your Local Representatives State laws are needed just as badly as federal laws to protect women and children. If you live in a state that has an effective Partial Birth Abortion ban, Parental Notification law, and Right to Know law, please applaud your representatives. And for the rest of us, please write your local representatives to pass these state laws.
6. Join the National Right to Life The National Right to Life is the largest pro-life organization in America. For more information, visit There are also more specialized organizations for youth, feminists, democrats, libertarians, etc. For a few of the local and other pro-life organizations, you can try the internet-based
7. Pray If you are a religious person, don’t forget to pray. Pray for strength in yourself, strength in women choosing between life and abortion, strength in our government leaders, and life for the unborn.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page.
If you have any comments or questions, please let us know.
If you have time, please take our survey and express your political views to me. Again, thank you.
Eric Clopper

Abortion Info.Net President