Politics of Abortion

Common Arguments

There are many questions commonly asked to pro-life advocates about why they are pro-life. From maintaining this page and bluntly stating my political position, I have been asked many of these questions. If you are pro-choice, you may be asking these questions right now. If you are pro-life and have ever been involved in an abortion debate, you have probably heard these arguments before. Below are my answers to the most common arguments in favor of abortion rights. If you have any additions to answers or additional arguments, please let me know.

A fetus has no feeling, how is aborting it hurting it?

A common misbelief, a fetus can feel pain after approximately nine weeks after conception. Remember, this means it can feel pain for about 4/5ths of the pregnancies. (See Fetal Development)

Fetuses are killed by anesthetics used in the procedure, not by the abortion itself.

This is another common myth of abortion advocates. In 1995 NARAL distributed a factsheet to the Senate Judiciary Committee stating that anesthetics killed the fetus. Soon afterwards, Dr. Norig Ellison, the president of the 34,000-member American Society of Anesthesiologists, testified,
“There is absolutely no basis in scientific fact for that statement….I think the suggestion that the anesthesia given to the mother, be it regional or general, is going to cause brain death of the fetus is without basis of fact.”
[Senate Judiciary Committee hearing record J-104-54, Nov. 17, 1995, p. 153]
(Also see Letter to President Reagan)

But anesthetics kill all this pain, so a fetus can’t feel itself be aborted.

Actually, many abortions don’t completely dull the pain of abortions. Videotapes of sonograms have been made, showing the fetus squirm in pain from the abortion. Sudden movement and thrashing have also shown the presence of pain.

Even if a fetus can feel, it still can’t think , right?

During the first trimester, a fetus is considered by most physicians to become sentient. Twenty-three weeks after conception (after about half the pregnancy), the fetus begins to dream. Dream requires unconscious thought, so the fetus must be able to think. A fetus is able to think just as much as a sleeping thirty-year old, yet it is illegal to kill that 30-year-old.

But you’re not really killing the fetus, since it was never really alive.

Most scientists now agree that human life starts at conception. So yes, you are killing the fetus.

The fetus is only part of its mother.

The fetus is only 1/2 its mother and 1/2 its father; and completely itself. Viability is now considered at about 20 weeks after conception. At this time the baby is capable of living without its mother. How can a fetus capable of individual life be considered part of someone else?

Abortion gets rid of unwanted children.

This was an argument that helped spread the pro-choice movement in the late 60’s. However, since abortion’s legalization in 1972, child abuse, child poverty, and other signs of child neglect have drastically increased (child abuse by 11 times).

The world is overpopulated. Abortion helps solve this problem.

This argument has two major faults. While many claim that overpopulation is a problem, agricultural production continues to rise faster than population. While overpopulation will probably become a problem, we do not yet need to take such drastic measures such as abortion. The second point is that legalized abortion has shown itself to actually increase the overpopulation problem. After Roe v. Wade, unwanted birth rates have risen dramatically.

What if the baby’s parents can not afford it? It will live an unhappy life.

There are currently 400,000 couples in America trying to adopt, so these babies could have a happy families even if the blood parents can’t raise them. The USDHHS estimates that 1/3 of couples in America are infertile, and many of these are seeking babies to be adopted. Child abuse rates in these families are much lower than in the average family, so these children would be safe. I have had a unique advantage because of this web page of hearing the testimonies of dozens of people who have been adopted and have lived wonderful, happy lives. How can anyone be allowed to take the life of another just because we think that he or she may not be happy?

If I have the baby, my boyfriend will dump me/ parents will disown me.

Many pregnant women (usually teenagers) are faced with this problem. Of those who have the abortion, 5/6 lose that relationship within two months of having the abortion. Of those who have the child, 4/6 end up marrying their boyfriends, and almost none are disowned by their parents.

If the baby’s health is endangered, a woman should have the right to an abortion to save the baby’s life.

I receive this argument with disturbingly high frequency. How will an abortion save the baby’s life? The abortion drops the child’s chance of survival to zero.

What about in cases of rape?

Should the crime of the baby’s father punish the baby? When a pregnant woman is given the death penalty, she is required by law to deliver the baby before she is killed. The reasoning behind this is that the baby is not responsible for his or her mother’s crime. Similarly, why should a baby be allowed to be killed just because of a crime his father committed?

Why do you go out and kill abortion doctors?

I never have, am not, and never will physically attack anyone because of their position in the abortion issue. I agree that the radical people who kill abortionists are hypocritical, immoral, and wrong. The overwhelming majority of pro-life supporters label abortion bombings as terrible acts. Unfortunately, as in every other issue, there are a few violent exceptions.

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