Abortions and Pregnancy Prevention with Birth Control Online

In different societies day after day specific weight and cartography of artificial pregnancy abortions change. According to birth Control Online statistics, annually, the number of abortions is about 50 million – 0.7% of the world population, and proportion of deaths of women during artificial abortions is 70,000 – 0.001% of the world population.

A Bit of History

In ancient Greece and Rome, life of fetus was not protected by law. Artificial interruption of pregnancy was not punished in any way. It was punished only in those cases when it was made for selfish purposes or for other baser motives. At that time, ergot preparations were used to produce abortion – a plant that caused spastic contractions in uterine musculature and fetal expulsion. This method did not always provoke miscarriage and had serious side effects. Later – when Roman Empire needed to increase the number of slaves and soldiers to conquer foreign lands – women and persons who contributed to production of abortion began were severely punished.

According to Christian dogma, fetus has soul from the moment of conception, and therefore destruction of it in the womb is a great sin, burdened by the fact that a child deprived of the opportunity to be born is deprived of the grace of baptism. Therefore, in the Middle Ages, abortion was qualified as a serious crime, similar to killing of a relative. Under the influence of church in the 16th century, in almost all European countries (England, Germany, France), production of abortion was punished by death penalty, which was later replaced by hard labor and imprisonment. This situation persisted in many countries up to the 1st half of the XX century. In England, abortion was allowed for medical reasons, as well as in case of pregnancy after rape.abortions and birth control online

Effect of Abortion on Subsequent Pregnancies

Abortion has a negative impact on reproductive function. Enforced expansion of cervix during abortion leads to its weakening, which in future can provoke miscarriage. Threat of miscarriage during subsequent pregnancy after one abortion is 26%, after two abortions – 32%, and after three or more – increases to 41%.

Damages to uterus prevent fetus from fixing there, its wrong location, and perforation can provoke uterine rupture during labor. According to doctors, up to 50% of all cases of female infertility are due to previously committed abortions.

Complications after Abortion

Complications after abortion are of two types: early and late. Early complications develop during or immediately after abortion, and later – develop after a while, sometimes years after abortion. In general, complications after abortion are not so rare. To avoid health problems, Birth Control Online strongly recommends using protection measures from undesirable pregnancy listed below.

Methods of Contraception

  1. The simplest way is interrupted sexual intercourse. An old, reliable method, proven for centuries, is suitable for couples where men know how to control themselves.
  2. Barrier birth control methods are divided into male and female, and are based on prevention of sperm entering cervical canal by using special devices: vaginal diaphragm, cervical caps, female and male condoms. They can be obtained in regular pharmacy or online in the Internet.
  3. Spermicides. Effect of their use is based on spermicide action. In addition, they prevent risk of contracting certain sexually transmitted infections.
  4. Combined oral contraceptives (COCs). These include:

    • mini-pilli;
    • hormonal injections;
    • hormonal implants;
    • hormonal ring;
    • hormonal patch.

    Combined oral contraceptives are synthetic analogues of female sex hormones. Mechanism of their action is the following: approximately in the middle of menstrual cycle, a woman has ovulation, and COCs do not allow the egg to ripen and leave the ovary. Birth control pills should be taken strictly for three weeks, after that – a break for a week: during this period menstruation should come.

    There are many myths about birth control pills obtained online: sharp increase in weight, increase in hair cover and others. The reason for myths is oral contraceptives of previous generation. They really did have a wide range of side effects. Today, properly selected drug allows to avoid unpleasant consequences. Before using it is necessary to consult an experienced doctor, who will choose necessary medications based on your age, number of sexual partners, contraindications, medical history.

  5. Intrauterine contraception. It is based on introduction into uterine cavity of intrauterine device (IUD).
  6. Postcoital contraception includes various measures aimed at avoiding pregnancy within 24 hours after sexual intercourse.