How To Find The Right Abortion Provider


An unwanted pregnancy can be devastating but getting on the decision of abortion is even more overwhelming and heartbreaking for most women. Aborting a pregnancy might result in severe health issues and problems unlike other surgeries.

Besides this, seeking the best and reliable abortion clinic is another big challenge for one. The majority of clinic provide safe, cleans environments however every clinic significantly differs from one another in the context of treatment cost, types of abortion procedures that are provided, gestational limitations, skills, and training of the physicians. Thus making it difficult for anyone to judge the ability and accountability of the medical center. Here are some useful tips, considering which can help you to get the best medical center for an abortion.

Prior to beginning your search, it would be better to ask for some references from family and friends. If there is someone who has had favorable experiences from some particular clinic, you can use them as well.

Things, not to do – Do not count on the internet or phone book. Broad displays, ads, attractive fonts and texts don’t mean that the clinic is reliable. High prices doesn’t assure high-quality health services and safety, thus do not select the center on a cost basis only. Do not get attracted by the exaggerated descriptions, feedback, and reviews about the services of the particular center.

Tips to consider
1. Ask about the services – Call at the clinic and ask what they offer? Do they provide services for different abortion procedures including medical and surgical? Do they have qualified and professional staff? How many visits does it take to get the whole procedure done? Do they provide emergency services as well? Asking such questions will help you to collect necessary information about the center. A good service provider understands that most of the patients first call and enquire, only then they visit the clinic. Thus they must provide quality assistance on the telephone as well. 

2. Know the fee structure – Never forget to verify what services the given cost of treatment includes. Practices like the sonogram, required medications, lab tests and other follow-up visits are included in the fees? Insurance is accepted or not? Do they offer a discount? What methods of payments are accepted?

3. Know your OB/GYNs – get detailed information about your OB/GYN. Know how qualified they are, their experience, expertise, how many cases they have operated and what was the success rate? Do they provide thorough consultation? Are they available around the clock? Do not hesitate to ask questions as this is the best way to get admitted into the right abortion clinic.